Choosing a neighborhood in Los Angeles

Choosing a neighborhood in Los Angeles

If you want to move to Los Angeles, you need to choose an area in which to live. Los Angeles, like many other cities, has plenty of different districts to choose from. Here are a few that are tipped to be up-and-coming for the next few years.

Inglewood used to be home to the city’s sports teams; however, their relocation saw the area neglected for a while. Now that the venue has been renovated, the area is once again becoming popular. The new community being developed on the Hollywood Park racecourse is also set to bring in many more people with dreams of moving to Los Angeles and house prices are said to be rising quickly; therefore, you will need to move fast.

The Venice area of the city is attracting a lot of investment at the moment, although it is not very pedestrian friendly. Many new boutiques and restaurants have opened here and this is bringing in new residents from far and wide. This is another area where you will need to move quickly to avoid price rises.

Another possibility for your relocation to Los Angeles is Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. Santa Monica has been popular for a long time and new developments that mix retail and residential properties are attracting new residents, with a number of proposed developments in the area. With more planned, this area is ideal for anyone who wants to experience luxury living alongside cultural attractions.   

– Lance Grooms