Choose military housing or off-base?

Choose military housing or off-base?

It may be that a military family can choose whether to live in a property provided by the military or to live off-base. The right decision has to be down to you, as there are many advantages to both options and it is a case of figuring out which will work best for you and your family.

Moving to military housing on-base means that the accommodation is usually provided free of charge, while you could be given a housing allowance to cover the cost of rent if you choose to live off-base. Some people choose to put the housing allowance towards the cost of purchasing a new home for themselves; however, it may be that there is no choice available, as some officers may be required to live on-base.

The quality of military housing varies from base to base and it may be the case that you arrive and the property is outstanding, or the place may urgently need renovating. Military bases are tackling this issue.

You may find that if you want to move to on-base military housing you end up on a waiting list. Some bases do not have enough housing for the families that want to live there and this could mean that living off-base is a necessity, at least for a while.

Moving out of military housing is also easier than it used to be. The inspection system is a little different to the stringent rules it used to follow, making it easier than moving out of a property off-base.