Children’s Day

If there is one holiday over which confusion reigns with regard to the actual date, it is this one.  The reality appears to be that Children’s Day actually has a number of variations and dates from all over the world, one of the most famous of which is Universal Children’s Day.

Universal Children’s Day takes place on 20th November every year.  The United Nations General Assembly recommended nearly 50 years ago, back in 1954, that every nation should create a Universal Children’s Day on a date they felt appropriate.  On 20th November 1954 the resolution was adopted, and most countries apparently chose completely different dates on which to hold the holiday! Also taking place on 20th November is World Children’s Day, which is the day that McDonald’s chooses to use to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities.  This was first held 11 years ago in 2002.

Another famous day is International Children’s Day, which takes place annually on the second Sunday in the month of December.  This holiday is actually a joint initiative between the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and UNICEF, and is known for being a day when broadcasters choose to “tune in to kids”.

In Japan, Children’s Day is a national holiday that falls on 5th May.  Children’s Day began in this country in 1948 as a festival to celebrate the life of your child, a tradition that may have commenced in China.  Various other countries also celebrate Children’s Day with many different dates and traditions.