Chicago Latino Film Festival

Chicago Latino Film Festival

A film festival is a good chance to do something a little different, and coming soon is the Chicago Latino Film Festival. Now in its 31st year, the festival begins on April 9th and runs until the 23rd.

Every year, in April, the festival attracts thousands of movie enthusiasts to the region. Organized by the International Latino Cultural Center (ILCC), the festival is sponsored by a number of different Latino and Hispanic cultural groups.

The ILCC has been working hard to promote awareness of the Latino culture, both within its own community and other communities, and the film festival is just part of this work. The Chicago Latino Film Festival is the opportunity to see more than 100 different movies made in Hispanic and Latino countries such as Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and much of Latin America.

The Chicago Latino film festival is not only an opportunity to see a few great films but also provides the opportunity to take part in Q&A sessions with the filmmakers; you can also go along to a number of different social events connected to the festival. The aim is to encourage interaction between the artists and the movie-goers.

You can pick up tickets for viewings for as little as $11; however, each screening is priced differently. The locations also vary throughout the city for the festival and it is a good idea to check out the official website and obtain details on which films are being shown and where you can catch them.