Checklist of things to do when moving offices

Checklist of things to do when moving offices

The preparation involved in moving a business or office can be even more complicated than that required to move an ordinary household.  Preparation is of vital importance and making sure that everything on your checklist has been completed is crucial.

The first thing that should be on your checklist is to determine a timeframe and schedule for your move.  You should also set up a communications plan in order to let suppliers, customers and any other pertinent parties know about your relocation.  You should make up a list of tasks and then assign each and every one of these tasks to specific individuals.

If the company that you are helping to move is of a larger than standard size then it might be necessary for you to set up a moving committee in order to make absolutely certain that the relocation schedule remains on track.  Employees also need to be not just informed but also kept involved in the moving process.  For example, employees certainly need to be aware of whether they are responsible for packing up their own cubicle or office, or whether this is something that will be left to the moving company that is being utilized.

The look and set-up of the new office also needs to be determined so that you are aware ahead of time precisely where offices are to be situated and thus where equipment will need to be installed.

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