Checklist for moving

Checklist for moving

Whether you are planning to hire a moving company or are attempting to move on your own, there are a number of tips that you need to take note of in order to achieve a relocation experience that is as free of stress as possible.

You need to start preparing for your move as early as you can.  On some occasions a move may need to happen more quickly than you may have planned, perhaps because of a sudden change in your employment circumstances or your house selling much quicker than anticipated.  Assuming that you still have time to plan out your move, there are a number of things that can be done in advance to help with your relocation.

One of the things that should be done early on is to go through all the items that you keep in boxes in storage areas such as the attic and the garage.  You should go through all of your items and determine which items you can get rid of.  Everyone has keepsakes and you will want to make very certain that they are appropriately packed and that when the moving company arrives the boxes are ready to go.

In the weeks and months that lead up to the relocation you should spend your spare time cleaning and sorting.  If necessary you should make sure to schedule time off work or school.  Change your address as soon as possible and have your mail forwarded.

Lance Grooms