Checklist for moving into your new home

Checklist for moving into your new home

Moving day can be an exciting and stressful time, but you can keep on top of things just by having a checklist of things to do and making sure that everything on the list has been taken care of by the end of the day.

One good tip is that you should plan to get to your brand new home before the moving company; if the moving company van gets there before you, you might find yourself facing waiting charges in addition to the cost of moving that has already been agreed upon.  At least two people should be present for the delivery of your goods, with one standing at the door and checking off furniture and boxes as having been received on the inventories and another directing the moving crew to put things in certain places.

Professional movers are expected to place furniture and boxes wherever you indicate you would prefer them to go, and to reassemble any pieces of equipment and furniture that they have been responsible for the disassembling of.

Should any items or boxes prove to be missing or to have been damaged during the course of the move, this should be noted on the inventory sheet in the ‘exception’ column.  It is very important to remember to do this, as failure to do so could end up causing you to be disqualified from receiving coverage.

Jon Huser