Checking the Rules: Condos & Apartment Buildi …

Checking the Rules: Condos & Apartment Buildi …

When you are moving, you have a lot to think about. You are probably making a moving checklist, ridding yourself of old belongings, and focused on getting everything packed in time. Many families don’t even think about the rules and regulations that may apply once they arrive at their new condo or apartment. Many buildings, especially those larger buildings have specific requirements for your move-in day. Bekins Moving Solutions always strives for a smooth transition and will do everything possible to ensure you don’t miss a beat. Here are a few standard rules you may need to follow.

Moving Policies

Most condo buildings will have a moving policy in place. A few weeks before your move, call the condo or apartment’s management office and inquire about the specific rules or policies they may have. For example, some condo buildings, will not allow you to move in on a Sunday. If you have planned a weekend move to fit in with your work schedule, then this could cause a problem. It may be that you have to alter these plans, which can be difficult to do once you have booked your moving company.

Service Elevator Reservation

Some buildings will also require you to book the use of the service elevator, and you will have a specific time slot for getting your goods into your apartment. This means that your professional movers will have to be on time and work quickly. You also need to be prepared to pay a deposit to use the service elevator, which can be several hundred dollars. Finding out about this as far in advance as possible is essential, as you will need to factor this into your moving budget.

Moving Truck Parking

The apartment or condo complex may have certain areas in which you can park your moving truck. If you are moving to a large urban area, you may require a city parking permit to park the moving truck legally. Getting all of this information in advance will help you with your planning and can potentially save you a lot of problems on the day of the move.

Hallway Size & Stairs Considerations

While most condos and apartment complexes have plenty of room within their hallways, you will want to measure these areas before moving in. This is especially important if you have any oversized furniture or items that are larger than typical. If you think a hallway or stairway may be too small, you should talk to the building’s management. They may have an alternative way to get your furniture in your new home. It is always helpful also to keep your moving company informed about any weird or strange sized hallways or staircases prior to the move so they can adequately prepare.

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