Change of address notification

Change of address notification

Informing people about your new address before a move will prevent you from being late paying your bills and allow you to remain in touch with those close to you, continue to enjoy your magazine subscriptions and allow a bit of normality to remain in your life amidst all the chaos of moving.  The key factor when it comes to ensuring that the process of changing your address is completed as smoothly as possible is organization.  This begins with the addressing of a few important questions, such as who needs to know, when they need to know by, how they should be notified, what you should do after the move has been completed, and what your own needs are.

You need to make a list of everybody you can think of that you need and want to inform about your move.  This could be quite a long list; however, the more comprehensive the list is, the easier the process of changing your address will be.  Put together a roster of friends and family members and a medical contact list, including your dentist, doctor and optometrist.  Also on the list should be regular contacts and services, such as lawn care, housecleaning services and your child’s school.  Any organizations you belong to and magazines and newspapers you are subscribed to will also need to be notified, and you should certainly not forget about all those important government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service.

A change of address form needs to be lodged with the US Postal Service at least a couple of weeks before the actual day of the move; if you want to submit this up to three months early, this is also permitted.  First class and priority mail will be forwarded by the COA for up to 12 months free of charge; magazines will be forwarded for 60 days.  Changes of address can take some time to go through, however, which is why it is important to get an early start.  Personal contacts should be notified of your impending relocation a couple of weeks before your move and the task can be made a lot less tedious if you work through the list a couple at a time.

You can notify the people that need to be informed of your new address by various different means.  The space provided on your statements and bills can be used to insert a new address, while some government agencies prefer such changes to be made online.  It might be appropriate to make a phone call to change your address with your child’s school or your employer.  The post office provides postcards that you can use to notify magazines and others.  A card that has been specially designed would be a good option for your more personal contacts.  If you receive mail after your move from someone who is not on your list, you can get in touch with them and update them.  Keep your new address and phone number handy until they become second nature.