Celebrity auction raises millions of dollars

Celebrity auction raises millions of dollars

While most of us don’t boast a wardrobe worth millions of dollars, a recent celebrity auction of items owned by people such as Madonna showed just what can be done when you are having a clear out.

The celebrity auction raised a total of $3.2m and included outfits worn by Madonna during both her music and film careers. The jacket the singer wore when appearing in Desperately Seeking Susan raised more than $250,000, and a dress she wore in the video for the song “Material Girl” raised more than $73,000.

Included in the auction was the dress that Madonna wore at her first wedding to Sean Penn, which sold for more than $81,000. The auction also featured a dress worn on her Who’s That Girl? tour, which sold for $50,000.

It was not just Madonna-related items that were included, with items that used to belong to Cher, the Beatles and Michael Jackson also featuring. A red sequined cape previously owned and worn by James Brown raised $41,000, and John Lennon’s spectacles brought in $25,000. A ring that used to belong to Elvis Presley reached a sale price of $57,600.

The auction also demonstrated that it is not just clothes that you can sell off in this way – guitars belonging to people such as Prince were also auctioned and raised thousands of dollars.

The sale of pop and rock memorabilia took place in Beverly Hills over two days and featured many items that caught the eyes of collectors.