Celebrate Summer with These Home Décor Ideas

Celebrate Summer with These Home Décor Ideas

Summer is a season unlike any other. It brings a breath of fresh air into your interior and an abundance of opportunities to enjoy your outdoor oasis. So, if you’re ready to capitalize on the cool breeze of summer, it’s time to transform your interior with these simple, summery home décor ideas.

Give your furniture a face-lift with light slipcovers

Large furniture pieces often remained untouched year after year. They’re expensive to replace and/or to update, so many homebuyers opt to leave them as is completely forgetting about the power of slipcovers.

To tie your current furniture in with the summer season, add on a slipcover. Cool color palettes are highly desirable throughout this season and can help invigorate your entire space – for a fraction of the cost of a home renovation or furniture shopping spree.

Add in a splash of colors with accents

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update your interior for the summer season is to change up the accents. Making a simple change, such as swapping out dark throw pillows for floral print ones will instantly lighten up your space. So, take a look around your interior and see what items can be traded in for lighter alternatives. Whites, creams, pastels and vibrant yellows are always ideal for the summer season.

Bring the outdoors indoor

The summer season is all about vibrant wild flowers, fresh fruits, rainy Sundays, and late night bonfires. It’s the one season filled with a vast array of relaxing aromas and beautiful scenery, all of which can be brought into your home to recreate a similar ambiance. So, purchase yourself a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers, swap out heavy materials for eco-friendly versions such as bamboo, and display your fresh fruits as a centerpiece. It’s a home décor idea that provides plenty of ambiance and beauty that goes beyond what meets the eye.

Embrace the natural light

If you want to instantly transform your interior from spring to summer, open up your drapes and let in the seasonal breeze. Opening your drapery and windows allows for natural sunlight to fill your interior, which creates the relaxing ambiance of summer, which is all you really need to transform your space.

Turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis

Summer is not the season to be sitting inside binge-watching Netflix. This is the season of shorts, the weather is limited, and it’s important to take advantage of the summer sunshine and breeze while it’s still here. The best way to do just that is to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Don’t just dust off your patio furniture and open a sun umbrella; string lights, add in vibrant cushions, install a wind chime and stage a small waterfall statue. Instantly, your backyard will no longer be a backyard but rather, the ultimate place to kick up your feet and relax until summer’s end.

Hang flowing curtains in your outdoor living space

Speaking of your outdoor living space, there are many home décor ideas you can implement to instantly transform your backyard into a makeshift beach house. Add in seashells and nautical prints, and hang flowing curtains within your outdoor living space. You’ll instantly recreate the feelings of a tropical destination, while also adding in some privacy and protection from mosquitos. Bonus!

Transforming your interior into a seasonal sensation has never been easier or more affordable. Each home décor idea can be applied to each season. So, as summer comes to an end, swap out these summer décor ideas for earthy, humbling alternatives and you’ll be set for the comfy fall season that follows.