How to Celebrate Halloween in the New Office

How to Celebrate Halloween in the New Office

Congratulations! You’ve finally moved into the new office and Halloween is right around the corner. There’s no better time to celebrate this new chapter than with a Halloween party right there in the office. So, send out a mass email to all your employees and let them know that Halloween is in full swing this year.  

Appropriate Costumes

Having an appropriate costume is one of the most important things to remember when celebrating Halloween in the workplace. There are certain Halloween costumes that should never enter those office doors, even if some of them may not cause a stir at all if worn to a nightclub, a Halloween party or during your free time. So, just because you have a costume at home doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for the office.

As a rule of thumb, anything promiscuous, offensive, hurtful, racists, controversial or demeaning should be avoided.

Decorate the Cubicles

Your cubicle or office space is like your home away from home. It’s where you spend most of your time, and in order to be highly productive, it’s important to feel comfortable in your space. Hence why it’s important to hang things such as family photos and words of motivation. So, it only makes sense that decorating your workspace is the best way to celebrate Halloween in the new office. Turn it into a workplace competition where the best cubicle gets a prize or a day off, and watch the spooky spirit come alive, not only in the office but within your employees” attitudes as well.

Encourage Everyone to Get involved

Since Halloween isn’t related to any specific ethnicity, age, religion or other classification, it’s the perfect holiday to celebrate in the office as you don’t have to worry about excluding anyone. In fact, Halloween can be the best time to embrace equality and to bring everyone together. So, encourage everyone to participate, from the nighttime janitor to the front receptionist and everyone in between.

Host Halloween Contests

An excellent way to get everyone involved and having fun this Halloween season is to host some contests that can happen right in the office. From pumpkin carving contests to a best-dressed showdown, this is an awesome way to bring some excitement into the new office.

Trick or Treat in the Office

It doesn’t matter how young or old your employees are, everyone loves candy! So, turn your office aisles into city streets and ask everyone to bring in a box of Halloween treats. Throughout the day, allow your employees to trick or treat at each other’s desks and encourage them to take a moment to mingle. If there’s anything we learned from those Snickers commercials, it’s that everyone needs a midday snack.

Host a Bake Sale

Encourage your employees to bring in their best Halloween baked treats and host a bake sale. Donate the proceeds to a local charity and watch everyone swarm the treat table with their cash in hand! And don’t just host a bake sale; allow this time to be spent enjoying one another’s company as you enjoy some apple pie or much on pumpkin seeds.  

Set up a Photo Booth

Since this is the first Halloween in the new office, photos are a must! After all, these are the times you’ll want to remember years down the line when your business has grown beyond what you ever dreamed of. So, hire a photo booth – complete with some props – and snap some memories of this special celebration.

Lastly, to really make this first Halloween memorable in your new office, make it a short day so your employees don’t have to rush home to get their kids fed and dressed for trick or treating. It’s a kind gesture that is certain to strengthen the bond and increase the energy within the office.