Casa Matta to move to former MaddFish Grill

Casa Matta to move to former MaddFish Grill

The dining options are continuing to expand in Carolina Beach, as one Italian eatery gets set to open up in the currently shuttered location of the former MaddFish Grill at 1140 N Lake Park Boulevard.  Sal Doria, the man who operated Brooklyn Sal’s Famous Pizza, located on College Road for nearly eight months, is intending to move his business and open up Casa Matta Italian Restaurant in the next few weeks.

Doria says that the brand new dinner menu will come with a considerably more modern feel to it than is the case with the great majority of pizza and pasta eateries, but he will continue to serve his signature pizza.  “We’re going to rock Pleasure Island,” the enthusiastic 50-year veteran of the restaurant industry claims.

In the United States for 55 years now, since 1958, Doria began working in pizza joints in Brooklyn at the age of 12 and notes that he was able to master his craft at pizzerias in the neighborhood of Park Slope by the age of 15.  Doria made a move to the Triangle area in 1979 and now also runs Fratello’s in Pinehurst, which continues to be a very popular destination.

Doria is thrilled by what he calls New Age Italian fare, adding that a seasoned California chef who has previously worked with him in Pinehurst is all set to join the team.  “We’re really going to put a flair on it,” Doria claims of the food.

Gene Salaz