Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Carlisle is a borough situated in and around the Pennsylvania county seat of Cumberland County.  The name is pronounced in local circles with the emphasis being placed on the second syllable.  Carlisle is situated in the Cumberland Valley, which is a very productive agricultural region.  The borough population stood at 19,262 as of the census two years ago back in 2010, with as many as 37,692 living in the urban cluster of Carlisle, including the suburbs of neighboring townships.

Carlisle is the smallest principal city located in the Harrisburg-Carlisle Metropolitan Statistical Area, an area that includes within it all of Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties in South Central Pennsylvania.  Carlisle and Harrisburg were both named as the second best place to which to move to raise a family by Forbes in 2010.

Carlisle plays host to the Carlisle Barracks, at which is situated the US Army War College, as well as the United States Army Military Heritage Museum.  The Carlisle Barracks is one of the oldest installations and the most senior educational military institution in the whole of the United States.  In addition to the Barracks, Carlisle is also home to the Penn State Dickinson School of Law and Dickson’s College, and the US headquarters of Ahold.

The climate of Carlisle, Pennsylvania is humid continental with cool winters and hot, humid summers.  Carlisle’s average temperature is 51F with temperatures going over 89F around 16 days of the year and falling below 32F around 119 days per year on average.  The borough also receives an average of 38.8 inches of rain on an annual basis, with an average yearly snowfall of 29.8 inches.  January is the coolest month on average, with September being the wettest month and July the warmest month.  The hottest temperature ever recorded in Carlisle was 102F, 36 years ago back in 1966, while the coldest temperature Carlisle has ever experienced on record was –19, 18 years ago back in 1994.

Carlisle has just the one daily newspaper in the form of The Sentinel and is served by public and private schools, as well as having played home to a number of notable public figures. These include United States Congressman Charles Jefferson Albright, former NFL player Lee Woodall, versatile modern sports athlete Jim Thorpe, former NBA player Billy Owens and modernist poet and writer Marianne Moore, and Molly Pitcher, the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth in the midst of the American Revolutionary War, who has a statue in the Old Cemetery.

There were 17,970 people living in Carlisle as of 2000, although how many people have made a move there in the last 12 years is uncertain.