Can I Get Unemployment If I Relocate?

Can I Get Unemployment If I Relocate?

Rules regarding relocation and unemployment vary by state. To view information specific to your state’s unemployment regulations, click here. Read on to learn about how different types of moves can impact unemployment benefits.

For the unemployed, it is not uncommon to  move to another state. Some people on unemployment may find themselves moving due to a spouse’s new job, or they may be moving to find better job opportunities in a new city. No matter the situation, the question is the same: will unemployment benefits from the state continue after relocating? There are some specific rules covering moving and the collection of unemployment benefits, but it isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem.

Relocating Within the State

If you are moving to another address within the same state, you have very little to worry about. You simply notify the state agency that your address has changed and you should not have any delay on your unemployment benefit payments.

Relocating to Another State or Abroad

If you move overseas,your unemployment claim will be closed and your payments will be stopped unless you fall under some very narrow exceptions.

If you are moving to another state in search for work, you will more than likely be able to keep your unemployment benefits. However, it may take a bit of paperwork to get your unemployment switched over. Be aware that the amount of unemployment compensation may vary from state to state, or you may have to update your status with additional supportive paperwork.

Certain states may have locality provisions that set restrictions on where you can move in order to continue to receive unemployment. Check your current state’s restrictions to ensure you will still be able to receive unemployment where you move.

Unemployment Eligibility

There are other factors that come into play when you’re dealing with unemployment benefits and moving. If you lose your job because you are moving, your unemployment eligibility will depend on the rules and regulations of the state in which you live. Most states don’t let you collect benefits if you leave your job willingly. One notable exception is a military move. If you are forced to move due to your military spouse being relocated, many states allow the spouse to continue receiving unemployment. The NCSL has compiled an incredibly useful database with great resources for legislation relating to military spouse unemployment.

If you happen to move after you’ve already lost your job, it is another story. If you move out of state, be sure to file an interstate unemployment claim and let your previous home state and your new one work together on your claim. This may take a bit more time than a typical claim and require more paperwork on your part, but it is possible for you to receive unemployment benefits if you are eligible. To learn more about filing for unemployment benefits before or after a move, you can do a quick search online. Or, if you are already receiving benefits, simply check out your state’s unemployment website and take it from there.

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