Camp Roberts, California

Camp Roberts, California

A military move is so much easier if you know a little about the base you are moving to, and if Camp Roberts is your destination there is quite a bit to look forward to. Located in both Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties, this used to be the land of the Native Americans and can be reached by taking Highway 101. It is now home to the California National Guard.

Work to create a military camp here began back in 1940 with the aim of being able to house 30,000 trainees at the same time. The decision was taken to name the camp after a WW1 tank driver, Corporal Harold W Roberts, who gave his life to save a colleague. When the camp opened, it was the largest military training facility in the world. Over the years the camp has been closed on several occasions but it is once again a working training center, not only for the National Guard but also for other branches of military service.

If you are making a military move to Camp Roberts, you will need to know what accommodation is available. There is housing available for all troops sent here and your first port of call should be to the California State Military Department Joint Force Headquarters to find out what your options are.

Military homes here include barracks-style rooms, houses and RV park homes. Direct contact with the billeting office is advised, which can be found in building 6037.