Bynes’ parents move to LA

Bynes’ parents move to LA

Young starlet Amanda Bynes has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late: she was involved in a number of traffic accidents, under suspicion of substance abuse, and has engaged in generally bizarre and erratic behavior.  As a result of this, Bynes’ parents are set to move from Texas to Los Angeles in a bid to help their increasingly troubled daughter.

On September 19th, Perez Hilton reported that Bynes’ parents are not intending to try and get a conservatorship of the young actress, as with the family of Britney Spears, but just intend to be there to offer their love and support in the hope that this will be enough to help Amanda back onto the right path.

Following Byne’s arrest on a DUI earlier in 2012, her parents quickly decided on relocation to Los Angeles and put their home in Texas on the market. They have now stepped up the speed of their move, following their daughter’s continued brushes with the law.  The couple insists that their daughter showed no signs of having a problem with substance abuse when they last lived in Los Angeles, and are just worried for her safety and her health.

Fans will be hoping that the presence of her supportive mother and father will be enough to aid Amanda to take control of her problems and get her life and career back on track, with many worrying that she may be heading down the down path as Lindsay Lohan.

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