Buying A Hot Tub? 5 Things You’ll Want to Know B …

Buying A Hot Tub? 5 Things You’ll Want to Know B …

Any time is the perfect time to invest in a hot tub. You just can’t go wrong with an exterior tub of powerful jets and steaming water turning your backyard into an oasis. Well, as long as you properly prepare your home and know what to expect when moving a hot tub into your backyard. Otherwise, your little slice of luxury could quickly bring on way more stress than you ever anticipated. So, let’s make sure your tub of tranquility remains just that with these vital tips to moving a hot tub.

Plan the Position Ahead

The first thing you should do prior to moving in a hot tub is to plan the position. Determine where the hot tub will be, as well as all the details that correlate with its position. Take notes on the terrain of the desired placement, different types of flooring, how many feet the hot tub will be from the house and/or anything metal, the moving route from the curb to the backyard, etc. Figuring these things out prior to the delivery will ensure that you can follow the next steps properly.

You’ll Need Special Equipment and Additional Manpower

As strong as you may believe yourself to be, a hot tub is heavier than you can handle. Hot tubs can weigh approximately 1500 pounds without water, and you’ll need more than just yourself to do the heavy lifting. In reality, you’ll need 3 or 4 of your fittest friends to help lift, position and place a hot tub. If your friends aren’t up for it, there’s always the option of hiring movers or seeing if the hot tub company will deliver. Mind you, the latter is only a plausible option if your hot tub is brand new.

On top of additional manpower, it’s important to keep in mind (and in budget) that you may also have to rent special equipment, such as dollies.

You Will Have to Make a Clearance

That high fence and little gate are going to pose a problem, and pieces may have to be temporarily removed in order to get the hot tub in your backyard. Just remember that you’ll need to make space to maneuver the hot tub into position, as opposed to just walking it through. Thus, you may need to remove portions of your fence and gate to get it into position.

They’re not the only things, though. There are many other miscellaneous items that need to be moved to ensure a safe and damage-free delivery of your hot tub. Debris, toys, gates, decorations, lawn art, patio, furniture and basically anything that is close to the path that’ll be used for delivery needs to be eliminated from the equation well prior to the delivery.

Never Underestimate the Power of Electricity

Hot tubs mix water with electricity, and if it’s not done properly it can be a recipe for disaster. As such, it’s always important to consider the electricity factors, responsibilities and requirements that come with hot tubs.

It’s recommended to always have a certified electrician wire the hot tub for you. This will ensure that it’s done properly and more importantly, safely. Hot tubs need to be hooked up to a specific type of outlet, a dedicated 15-amp breaker and anything metal within 5 feet of the spa should be grounded. The electrical equipment should also be protected from the weather at all times, and no extension cords should be used.

Your City Requirements Matter

Before you book that delivery date, you may also want to read up on the city requirements of owning a hot tub. For example, some regions require a protective barrier to be around the hot tub for safety precautions. These are the kinds of things you want to be aware of to deter any hefty fines in the future.

Moving a hot tub takes a bit of work but the reward is well worth it. If this all seems like too much for you, hire professional movers to take care of the heavy lifting, so you can slip into your oasis without having to put in the hard work.