Business friendly cities to move to

Business friendly cities to move to

There are a variety of reasons to move your business.  An office move in the same town could be to gain a large space or to downsize.  There are also times that business relocation to a new city out of state is something worthwhile.  In recent months there have been a few office moves where large corporations are downsizing their call centers or headquarters.

If you have considered what an office move could do for your company then there are a few cities to consider for a move.  Cincinnati, for example, is on the list of top places to undergo business relocation.  Cincinnati offers lower property taxes than many large cities, lower rental costs, and cheaper transportation.  Additionally, Cincinnati rates highly on the index for best business rates.

Orlando and Atlanta are two other cities with some good transportation, rental and property tax pricing.  Employees can remain with the same or competitive wage, but be able to afford to live.  Obviously some cities will always cost more than others to live in, given their city centers, such as New York or San Francisco.  They are two of the most expensive places to live whether you own a business or not.

There are also cities and states willing to help companies that bring employment opportunities to their city.  In other words, with an office move you could gain funds from the government to help you simply because the city needs to create jobs for its residents and economy.

Jon Huser