Build a Great Relationship with your Condo Manager …

Build a Great Relationship with your Condo Manager …

It’s official! Your offer has been accepted and you’ll finally own a place to call your own. The best part? You get to set your own rules but not so quick! While you’ll definitely have ownership rights to your condo, condo living does come with some rules provided by the condo manager. And yes, despite owning your condo, you are still obligated to follow their rules.

Fortunately, these rules are rarely outrageous and unrealistic, and often coincide with the city by-laws. Mistakes happen but if you’re looking to build a great relationship with your condo manager, they shouldn’t happen very often. This might even give you a bit of leniency with the condo rules moving forward. So, execute these three easy tricks and your condo manager will be looking out for you – and your investment – as if you were family.

Eliminate Surprises upon Moving Day

When moving into a new condo, you have to arrange the finer details of the day with the condo manager. Things such as the move in date, time, whether or not you’ll need an elevator, etc. should be discussed with your condo manager well before the big day. Otherwise, you’ll run into major discrepancies upon moving day and may not even be able to move on that particular day at all. Plus, first impressions are everything and this is not one you want to be giving off.

Follow the Rules

Although you may be looking for leniency, expecting it is never going to work in your favor. You need to abide by the rules set out by your condo manager in an effort to show them your respect. So, if they ask you not to run down the hallways – don’t. If the pool is closed after midnight, avoid taking a dip after hours.  Whatever the rules are, follow them – pick up after your dog, park in your own parking spot, turn off the music at 11 P.M. – whatever it is, just do it. This will instantly put you on the condo manager’s good side of their contact list and when you do need to slightly bend those rules in the future, they’ll likely be more understanding (and lenient).

Address your Concerns with Them Directly

As you’ve heard a million times before, communication is key. It’s easy to become irritated by situations happening within your surroundings, and as most people do, you may be tempted to gossip to your neighbors.

However, it’s imperative to do the complete opposite. Sharing your personal concerns and stories with other people in the building will almost always result in a rumor mill that will eventually get back to the condo manager. By that time, the words you spoke will have likely been misconstrued, putting you on edgy waters with your manager. Not only that but it contributes to a gossipy, negative energy within the building that no one is fond of.

So, when it comes to problems, situations or concerns about the condo building and/or management, speak with the manager directly. It’ll show your integrity while also allowing you to find a solution to the problem or concern you’re having.

On the contrary, if you have an issue with a specific staff member (not the condo manager), it’s best to address the issue with that person. If you’re constantly going to the condo manager with complaints about the janitor, the maintenance man and everyone else who works in your building, it will give off a bad impression. Your condo manager is busy and they likely don’t have time to deal with the janitor humming while he or she vacuums your floor. So, if it’s a situation you can handle yourself, try doing so and in a respectable manner. If the problem persists and is worth mentioning to the condo manager, then be sure to do so appropriately and in a way that doesn’t condescend the staff member.

If nothing else, respect. Respect will go a long way, as it always does. If you respect your condo manager, they will do the same for you and your investment. You don’t have to like each other on a personal level but respecting one another allows you to remain in the same building, comfortably and civilly.