Box size tips

Box size tips

When you are moving house it is very tempting to simply buy boxes of the same size; however, you need to give a little consideration to the packing process. If you do this you will realize that you need a range of boxes of different sizes and the good news is that boxes of all sizes are readily available. Here are just a few suggestions.

Small boxes should be used for heavier items, and a good size is 450mm x 450mm x 250mm. This is large enough to hold several items but not so large that it can’t easily be lifted when it is full.

The next option is 450mm x 450mm x 500mm, which is considered to be a medium-sized box and is popular with moving companies. You can place a range of items in this type of box.

Larger boxes of the size 450mm x 450m x 750mm are designed for lighter items such as cushions or soft toys.

When you purchase your boxes you should make sure that they are double-walled. Most moving companies recommend this as it gives the box the strength it needs to stand up to the rigors of the move.

Tea chests were very popular for moves years ago. These were often made from wood, making them very resilient and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Tea chests are still available; however, you can also get a cardboard version that is cheaper and easier to move around.