Black Olive restaurant planning move to premier sp …

Black Olive restaurant planning move to premier sp …

The Black Olive, which is a Mediterranean/Greek restaurant situated in Armory Square in Syracuse, is intending to change location.  The restaurant has seen an increased amount of business since it made the decision to start opening on Sundays and is now planning to move into one of the premier vacant restaurant spots in the downtown area.

The Black Olive will make its relocation into the new space in the Pioneer Cos Building, which is located at 250 S Clinton Street; the new space was formerly the home of the Pascale Wine Bar & Restaurant.  The move is expected to take place sometime within the next two to three months according to Scott Chambers, who is the floor manager of the Black Olive.  The restaurant, which is currently situated at 316 S Clinton Street, opened four years ago and is owned by Vasillios Koumanidis.

The new space of 7,500 square feet will result in a dramatic increase in the amount of available seating in the restaurant, which will rise from the current level of just 43 up to well over 150.  The new location will also offer enough space for a bakery/pastry shop, which will offer specialties such as baklava.  There will also be room for conference rooms and an expanded catering operation; however, there are no plans to make any big changes to the menu.

“Our customers have been so wonderful, we really need more space,” Chambers notes.  “Now on weekends you need to have reservations and sometimes we’re turning people away.”

Gene Salaz