Beyond office moving day

Beyond office moving day

If you have spent the last couple of months preparing for your office relocation, you will already have done a lot of work; however, the work is not over yet.  You still have to get through the day of the move itself and then the aftermath.  Even once the office move has been successfully completed, there will still be some tasks left to be completed.

On the day of the move you should make sure that you are able to stay in touch with everyone involved in the move, including your employees and the people from the moving company.  If there is anything that is not going the way you planned, try to do what you can to be of assistance.  If you have hired a professional moving company, the good news is that its staff will help to make the relocation a good deal easier than would otherwise be the case.

Once the move has been successfully completed and you have your office up and running once again, there is likely to still be some work related to the relocation to get done.  Something may have been broken or gone missing in transport and may need to be replaced.  You should make certain that everything is back in working order and that your employees are happy with their new commute and environment.

Last but not least you should not forget to keep all clients updated with regard to your new business address.  This should have been done prior to the move, but an update afterward is also recommended.

Gene Salaz