Best Places Where You Can Start Again

Best Places Where You Can Start Again

Starting life over with a new move may require more thought.

If you want a fresh start, consider where you can move to make it happen.  The cities being mentioned below are some of the top places offering jobs and better quality of life.  Anchorage, Alaska is first on the list if you want a peaceful location that is still in a city.  Anchorage has plenty of jobs open in construction, financial sectors, health services, and other related industries.  Home prices are a bit high, but there are plenty of locations close to Anchorage with more reasonable values.

Provo-Orem, Utah also has industrial positions, such as construction, open.  Its unemployment rate is currently 5%.  This is lower than the national average.  Home prices are also more affordable in this city.  The economy may be slightly weakened, but it will certainly suffice for relocation.

Kennewick-Richland-Pasco, Washington is a tri-city area.  It has a rather large population, but housing values are some of the most affordable.  The unemployment rate is a little high but there are quite a few options in this area, including the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Yakima, Washington is another place that may be of interest to those who want a smaller town with affordable housing prices.  It is an agricultural area, so farming is one of the top options for employment.

The above towns are just four of the options available when moving to a city or new area to start life anew.

Jon Huser