Best places to move to on the US West coast this s …

Best places to move to on the US West coast this s …

The West coast is the best coast, as many people say. From beach towns to thriving city streets and everything in between, if it exists, it can be found in the Western states. However, because there are so many places to love on the West coast, choosing which city to relocate to can seem impossible. Fortunately, Sunset conducted a study on the best places to live on the West coast, based on climate, culture, healthcare, education, economy and much more, making it easy to narrow in on the destination of your next humble abode.

1. Highlands Ranch, Colorado

With a name like ‘Highlands Ranch’, this popular Denver suburb on the West coast instantly seems unaffordable, but don’t be mistaken. Highlands Ranch has a thriving job market, low unemployment rate, fairly low median household income (when compared to other states), and even has a low-crime rate.

2. Beaverton, Oregon

For all the outdoor enthusiasts out there, you’ve likely already been considering the Oregon area. Beaverton is a town highly recognized for its affordable real estate, low property taxes and of course, Oregon’s lack of sales taxes. Relocating to Beaverton also comes with the benefits of being close to the top-ranked schools and some of the country’s best scenery.

3. Centennial, Colorado

Move over, Denver; It’s all about Centennial, Colorado. This small city is a hot spot for people who want to live close to the big city and all it has to offer, without actually living in it. Its perfect for anyone looking for new career opportunities, as it’s thriving with start-up companies and is a quick drive away from the Microsoft offices. Centennial is home to an award-winning park and with approximately 300 days of sunshine – you can’t go wrong.

4. Sammamish, Washington

If you’re looking to relocate to an area that’s family friendly, Sammamish, Washington is a great place to consider. Located on a lakeside suburb of Seattle, Sammamish is a beautiful place to live, and one that comes with a strong sense of community, family-friendly activities, and clean green space for kids to play.

5. Eastvale, California

Since Los Angeles is so diverse from one community to the other, it can be hard to find an area to relocate to. However, Eastvale is a Los Angeles neighborhood that’s gaining a lot of attention lately, especially for families relocating due to it’s safe, clean community. It’s also home to high-ranking public schools and because it’s only 6-years-old, the homes, streets and environment are incredibly well-kept and clean.

6. Irvine, California

If you’re looking for a safe place to relocate on the West coast, Irvine, California is it. In fact, this Southern California city has one of the highest safety rates in the United States, and the high-paying career opportunities and shoreline are definitely added bonuses.

7. San Ramon, California

When you think of relocating to California, you likely only think about the major cities. However, this Western state has many more areas that are just as exciting, with San Ramon being one of them. Located in the Bay area, this city is thriving with excellent schools, entertainment, events, arts, culture and major corporations.

8. Broomfield, Colorado

Colorado has always been a popular place on the West coast, but it’s popularity has spiked even more in the recent years. Broomfield, in particular, is gaining a lot of recognition lately, due to its small-town Colorado vibes and the big-city career opportunities, education and economy. It’s located in between Boulder and Denver, which is also a huge bonus to relocating to this area.

9. Koolaupoko, Hawaii

We aren’t sure if Hawaii can be considered the west coast, but it was included in the list of the best places to live in the West, and for all the right reasons. Koolaupoko is a neighborhood located in Honolulu, offering the beach-style living and all the relaxation and slow-pace that follows. This area also has some of the lowest property tax rates and an even lower unemployment rate.

10. Fremont, California

Located in Northern California, Fremont has that small-town feel with the exciting opportunities of a big city, due to its access to Silicon Valley. Fremont is also a popular choice for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, and the great weather all year round definitely helps.

The west coast is definitely one of the best coasts to move to in the United States. So, book your professional moving services today, so you can finally relocate to the location of your dreams which, of course, is on the West coast.