The Best Methods to Use When Moving Offices

The Best Methods to Use When Moving Offices

Relocating your office can be a stressful affair for both you and your employees. However, with the right methods, you can make this monumental move an exciting one for everyone involved with your business, while also ensuring an optimal, efficient, and successful relocation.

Take Advantage of Storage Units

A key concern about office relocation is how the weeks leading up to the move will affect productivity. If boxes and extra office equipment are scattered around the office, the positive, distraction-free work environment your employees are used to is bound to be disrupted.

However, you can’t delay packing to the day prior to relocating your office, but you can take advantage of storage units.

Renting a storage unit prior to the move allows you to maintain a positive work environment that encourages optimal productivity, and you don’t have to worry about the risk of slips and falls as your employees and customers navigate through a maze of boxes.

You can also use your storage unit after the move to store items that don’t have to take up valuable space within the office, such as old documents, files, and extra stock.

Hire Professional Moving Services to Ensure an Efficient and Successful Relocation

Inarguably, the best method to use when relocating offices is to hiring professional moving services to do it for you. Opting for Bekins Moving Solutions means that professional movers will handle the most tedious and often times, complicated tasks of relocating, such as loading, unloading, and transportation.

However, you can also add additional services such as packing, specialty crates and storage rentals to enhance the relocation experience even more.

Keep Customers, Staff and Suppliers Informed with Regular Meetings and/or Newsletters

One of the best methods to use when moving offices doesn’t have to do with the physicality of relocating. However, it’s just as important.
Keeping your customers, staff and suppliers informed with regular meetings and/or newsletters will help deter any possible discrepancies or concerns moving forward. Relocating can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, and providing regular updates can ease any anxiety customers, staff and suppliers may have about the pending changes.

Keep Staff Excited with Regular Updates on Progress and New Opportunities

With the prior mentioned, here is another exceptional office relocation method that has nothing to do with the physical move but rather, the mood of those involved. In addition to keeping your staff informed about the relocation, it’s important to also keep them excited.

Consider sending progress pictures of the new office, taking your staff members on a virtual tour of the new building, or providing a list of nearby amenities your employees can enjoy on their lunch breaks. These simple updates can be a great way to keep the momentum and mood going during this hectic time.

Dedicate Select Staff Members to Project Planning

When you hire Bekins Moving Solutions, the big, difficult and often, the most important tasks are handled by professional movers. However, you’ll still want to create a team of select staff members to handle the minor details in-house, such as answering any questions about the move, sending those weekly updates mentioned previously, picking out new office equipment, donating or selling items you won’t be relocating, etc.

It’s recommended to choose, identify and designate a senior staff member that you can trust to make decisions and to select a handful of other trusted staff members to work under that person to create a robust internal relocation team.

Depending on the requirements of this team, you may want to ensure that a member from each department is included, such as an IT specialist, marketing manager, HR member, etc.

This team can be used to keep everything smooth-sailing in-house during the relocation, as well as afterward when it’s time to set up the new office, hook up electronics, contact service providers, etc.

The only thing that’s left to do is plan a welcome breakfast and walkthrough-tour. For everything else, Bekins Moving Solutions has your office relocation covered.