Best cities for families

Best cities for families

Home may be where the heart is but in difficult economic times such as these, home also tends to be where the work is.  Those wishing to move to cities that are family-friendly need to look for those with low unemployment, reasonable home and living costs, and low crime.

Also part of the equation when considering a move to a more family-friendly environment include lots of parks and outside activities, great schools, and growth potential.  One good city that meets many of these requirements is Huntsville, Alabama.  Huntsville offers lots of employment opportunities thanks to the abundant presence of medical research, aerospace and military defense industries, and also offers quality museums, majestic mountain scenery and a historically picturesque downtown.

San Jose in the center of Silicon Valley is another great city for families to make a move to.  The cost of housing is admittedly quite high, but so are the salaries of those who work there.  San Jose also has excellent weather and lots of outdoor resources to make it simple to get out of the house.  If you or your kids are interested in computers, Silicon Valley is the place to be for obvious reasons.

Minneapolis is among the safest cities in the whole of the United States and has one of the lowest costs of living in the country.  It offers a lot for your dollar, especially if you have just started a family and are on a tight budget.