Benefits of Servicing Your AC & Furnace

Benefits of Servicing Your AC & Furnace

One common mistake many homeowners make is skipping over regularly servicing of their air conditioning units and furnace. It’s easy to assume that missing a year or two of maintenance won’t have a major impact on the unit or your quality of living, but don’t be mistaken. The benefits of servicing your AC and furnace go far beyond your expectations. What’s even more shocking is what happens to your health, budget, and home when you let the dust and debris build up.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air in which you breathe plays a vital role in the way you feel – mentally, emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, most homes are full of pollutants and dust and are far from a breath of fresh air. Servicing your air conditioner and furnace will help to improve the air quality in your home, so you can live and feel better.

Maintain Optimal Health

Speaking of your health, quality air conditions are absolute essentials to staying healthy. It’s even believed that serving your air conditioning unit and furnace can help prevent illnesses and can aggravate existing health condition such as allergies, asthma, etc.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

If you’ve been skipping over regular servicing of your air conditioner and furnace in hopes of saving a couple of dollars, you may want to reconsider. The longer your units go without maintenance, the more dust and debris gets collected and the harder the systems have to work to do their job. As such, you’re essentially using – and paying for double the amount of energy to run such systems simply because they have not been serviced.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With the prior mentioned, servicing your AC and furnace is a great way to cut back on your energy usage which ultimately reduces your carbon footprint. A dirty system uses far more energy than what is otherwise needed to complete its job. So, servicing both units regularly ensures the systems operate efficiently, which is not only budget-friendly but also, friendly for the environment.

Maintain to Reduce Repairs

Regular servicing of an air conditioning unit or furnace is like taking supplements or eating a healthy breakfast each morning. You do so to ensure optimal health in hopes that you don’t have a midday crash or break down in the near future. The same can be said about air conditioning units and furnaces that aren’t maintained. This can bring the onset of many problems and costly repairs, some of which can be entirely prevented with proper servicing.

Better Cooler and Heating System

Lastly, and inarguably, some of the best benefits of servicing your AC unit and furnace are the benefits you receive from your systems. There’s nothing worse than walking into a sweltering room in the heat of summer when you know the air conditioning has been running or vice versa with the furnace during winter. You’ve been paying for the system to be working throughout the day, as seen on your electricity bill, but the results aren’t there. As such, you’re convinced that the AC and/or furnace in your home simply aren’t up to par, and since you don’t have to means to replace the systems entirely, you continue to deal with the lack of air flow.
However, it is very likely that your units just need a pick-me-up to get the cool (or hot) air flowing throughout the vents and into your home.

Servicing your AC and furnace is an essential to proper home maintenance. It keeps your energy usage low, your electricity bills reasonable and the air flow better, while also saving you preventable repairs or worse, replacing an otherwise perfect system.