How Bekins can save your move!

How Bekins can save your move!

Let’s face it, moving is stressful. The list of tasks that must be completed prior to moving day is long; add on your full-time job and trying to run a household, and that very list barely seems to budge. Then, before you know it, moving day is right around the corner and you still have a ton of things to do. This brings on the stress.

Bekins Moving Solutions believe that moving should be fun and exciting, especially when you’re the one welcoming a new home as your humble abode. So, we’re all about that stress-free move for homeowners and here’s how we provide just that.

We Offer Convenient and Affordable Options

In addition to being stressful, moving can be pretty harsh on your wallet as well, which leads to more stress. After all, you planned out your moving day budget and then suddenly, a moving company quotes you at a price that puts you way over. So, we strive to provide convenient and affordable options.

As a bonus, because the Bekins Moving Solutions team consists of trained professional movers that undergo rigorous background checks, our quality doesn’t decrease just because of our affordable prices. Regardless of the type of move, whether you have a long-distance move that’ll take several days or simply need to move some items to your storage unit, the quality remains the same – the best.

Residential Moves, Office Moves, and Long-Distance Moves

There are several moving companies out there that only do one type of move, which can be extremely frustrating when you have your mind set on hiring a specific team. So, we make sure that every one of our customers, regardless of the type of move they’re doing, can benefit from our team of professionals. Bekins Moving Solutions provides professional moving services for residential moves, commercial moves and even long-distance moves from city-to-city, across the state, across the country and even overseas.

We Do More Than Simply Move Your Belongings

Just when you think professional movers do nothing more than physical move your belongings from one destination to another, you stumble across Bekins Moving Solutions. One of the greatest benefits of hiring our services is that we go far beyond the move.

With our residential moving services, we help you choose the services that are best suited for your budget and timeframe. We can even do all the packing for you if you’d like, and yes, we will even disassemble and reassemble your larger furniture pieces, if you need.

Our commercial moving services include a strategic plan designed specifically for your requirements to ensure a successful and efficient move. We also have ample supply of moving equipment to ensure everything can be moved in a timely, safe manner, and we strive to minimize downtime as much as possible.

Our long-distance moves are just as wonderful. We are able to move you any distance you choose, both nationally and internationally. We also provide you with a team of moving experts to ensure a stress-free and efficient move, as well as custom crate options to ensure all of your belongings arrive in optimal condition.

We Offer Robust Project Management Services

Our amazing moving services don’t end at residential, office and long-distance moves. At Bekins Moving Solutions, we also offer powerful project management services to keep your business running smoothly and successfully. Our warehouse and distribution services ensure a smooth inventory flow, logistics management, and delivery.

We Provide Customizable Storage Solutions

Storage is a huge part of moving, and we offer customizable storage solutions for both short and long-term usage, sans a long-term storage contract. At Bekins Moving Solutions, we also have no minimums or maximums in terms of how much you can store, so whether you’re looking to store a few items or your entire household, it can be done with us. In addition to storage units, we also provide full-storage service which means, just like moving, we do all the hard stuff for you, including the packing, pickup and delivery.

We can’t forget to mention that we also offer custom crate options to ensure safe transportation and/or storage of your most prized possessions.

As you can see, if it exists and pertains to a move, we do it here at Bekins Moving Solutions. From residential moves to moves overseas, from office moves to short-distance moves, from storage to specialty crates, from logistics to project management, Bekins Moving Solutions has all the solutions you need.