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 June 17, 2011
Lance Grooms
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
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Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc., Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc.,

Paxem, Inc. become Sister Companies

WARRENVILLE, Ill. –Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc. and Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc. (myBekins) are now sister companies with Cary, IL based Paxem, Inc..  Paxem provides all services related to a move other than the actual moving service which will complement the capabilities of Bekins Van Lines largest agent, myBekins, which is a nationwide full-service moving company with 20 locations.

Paxem and myBekins have offered some similar services however together they combine to form a one-stop-shop, servicing senior relocation from start to finish.  Some of the services the united companies offer are: home organization, de-cluttering, packing, crating, storing, set up, staging, managing the move, and creating floor plans.  In addition to those services, containerized transportation, senior move management and employee relocation services, the sister companies offer local, long distance and international moving needs.

The new relationship between Paxem and myBekins allows dependable service to clients throughout the United States with fluidity.  Together the companies have over 600 trucks, professional employees and company-owned buildings and storage warehouses all over the country.   This acquisition secured common-ownership of Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc., Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc., BCI-Las Vegas, BCI Worldwide, Pinnacle Management, and now Paxem.

Paxem staff are senior move managers and are knowledgeable in all aspects of residential and commercial moving.  Paxem’s mission is to help families through the transition of moving or right-sizing while respecting each individual’s needs.  Paxem’s new corporate office will be located in Lake Zurich, IL along with the current satellite office in Cary.  MyBekins has 20 agent-owned locations nationwide and is one of America’s largest and most respected moving and storage companies.  In March of 2010 was launched, marking the first website in the relocation industry built for complete and accurate moving estimates, scheduling live appointments and booking a move, all online.

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