Bed packing tips

Bed packing tips

BedPacking up your beds and moving them to your new house is not as easy as it sounds; after all, they can’t simply be picked up and moved!

Make sure that all beds are fully stripped of linens on the day of your move. Pack the linen for each bed in a separate box and label it clearly. Next you need to consider dismantling the bed. The first step is to take off the mattress and wrap it. Mattress covers are available for mattresses of all sizes and these will help to protect the mattress from all kinds of damage and from the elements during the move.  Most professional movers will pack your mattresses in boxes so that the beds don’t lose their shape during the move and will likely even disassemble/reassemble the whole bed for you.

Divan beds tend to be fairly easy to dismantle. The base usually consists of just two sections for a double bed, which can just be disconnected. If you have a divan with storage drawers, remember to empty the drawers first to make the bed lighter and easier for your moving company to move.

Wooden beds will usually consist of quite a few pieces of wood fitted together with screws and bolts. It is a good idea to take a photo to show you exactly which sections go where and to put the bolts and screws into a bag as you remove them. Tape this bag securely to one of the sections of wood and you will then know that the bolts and screws are exactly where you need them to be when you come to put the bed back together when you arrive at your new home.