Be an Angel Day

Be an Angel Day

Be an Angel Day takes place on 22nd August each year.  The special day has strong roots in the world of religion, with its creator, Jayne Howard Feldman, having made the perhaps startling claim that she created the day on 22nd August because none other than angels inspired her.  Be an Angel Day aims to encourage people all over the United States to help others and perform acts of kindness.

The day’s primary objective is for us to behave in the manner of an angel, doing something kind or just good for another person and encouraging us to be a servant of God in so doing.  There is no limit or strict definition of the kind of angelic help you can provide, which means that it can be anything from emotional to physical to spiritual.

Be an Angel Day exists for the benefit of both the receiver and the giver.  If you are lucky enough to be the receiver on this special day, make sure that you express your appreciation openly and accept recognition of the angel who has helped you as having been sent by God.

Be an Angel Day began on 22nd August 1993, making it just under 20 years old and thus a pretty recent holiday.  Jayne Howard Feldman’s website makes the claim that angels inspired her to be the founder of Be an Angel Day.

Lance Grooms