Bathroom packing tips

Bathroom packing tips

When you are preparing for a move it is very tempting to leave the bathroom until the last minute; after all, you probably think that you use most things in there on a daily basis, it is the smallest room in the house and it shouldn’t take long to pack everything up.

The truth is that for most people the bathroom is a bit of a minefield. Obviously you do not want to pack away anything that you are going to need in the lead up to your move, but at the same time you will probably find plenty of things that you can do to get the process underway if you take a long look at the room.

Most people have a medicine cabinet in their bathroom, which is often filled with items that have been there for years. How many people stock the cabinet with items ‘just in case’? If these items have not been used, or have been opened and used just once, the chances are that they have reached their use by date and need to be disposed of. Ask a local pharmacist about the disposal of medications – do not simply flush them down the toilet or throw them out with the trash.  It will only take a short time to pare down your medicine cabinet to the bare – and usable – essentials.

When it comes to toiletries, try to focus on using up the items that you have already opened.  Most people have a “travel kit” that they use when traveling for vacation or work.  Consider using this scaled back version of your toiletries and packing all the rest.  In this way there will only be a few items in the bathroom that you need to pack when you are moving house.

Be sure to pack all liquids (even in sealed bottles) inside a box lined with a new kitchen trash bag to avoid any possible leakage.