Basic tips to simplify your move

Basic tips to simplify your move

When you are moving house, the whole process can seem overwhelming. It is really important to remember that this process can be made a little less stressful if you are prepared.

The first thing is to make sure that all the packing is done before the moving company arrives. If you have asked your moving company to do your packing for you then you can obviously miss out this step; otherwise, remember that the company needs to be able to start loading the truck as soon as it arrives. You do not want the removal staff waiting around while you finish organizing your books and CDs.

When things are being unloaded at the other end, do not be tempted to start unpacking ‒apart from your essentials box ‒ before everything is off the truck, as this could lead to chaos and mean that the unloading process takes longer than it should.

Hiring professional movers will save you a lot of time and stress ‒ remember this if you are tempted to do a DIY move. You should also remember that it will take less time to move house if you are ready to go early in the day, as there is likely to be less traffic on the roads.

When planning your schedule, you need to remember that it does not take as long to unpack the truck as it does to pack it; therefore, you need to allow less time at the other end and your move into your new home might not take as long as you think.