Basic packaging requirements

Basic packaging requirements

Whether you are moving across town or to a whole new city, state or even country, something that can weigh heavily on your mind is the safety of your possessions.

Everyone is only too aware of just how vulnerable their possessions are during transportation, but the good news is that the chances of any damage being done during relocation can be reduced by making use of the right kinds of packaging.

Using the right packing boxes is obviously of great importance.  There is a large selection of packing crates and boxes that come in many different sizes and shapes, including bulk cargo boxes, storage bins and storage file boxes.  These boxes are manufactured from a variety of different materials such as plastic, wood and corrugated cardboard.  It is crucial to make sure that you use the box that is of the best size and shape for your belongings.

Void fill materials are also important.  These are used in order to make boxes completely secure by ensuring that items cannot move and thus risk being damaged during the move.  There are a number of common void fill materials such as bubble wrap, blankets, foam molds, packing peanuts, inflatable air bags and packing papers.

Packaging bags also come in extremely handy when it comes to packing and can sometimes even be better than boxes for the sake of convenience.  Packaging bags are made from cloth and plastic, and are excellent for packing non-breakable, lightweight items that do not need to be cushioned.