Avoid trauma with your office move

Not every office move has to be traumatic, particularly if it is handled and coordinated in the correct manner.  Office relocation takes place all the time and the thing that makes one more successful than another is the pre-planning that took place before the day of the move.

When it comes to pre-planning an office move, the first thing that you need to do is to make a decision about precisely when it will take place.  You need to decide if the office should be operational as normal on a weekday, in which case it would be a good idea to have the relocation scheduled to take place over a weekend.

You will then need to compile an inventory of precisely the amount of office equipment that will need to be moved.  On some occasions, such as if you are leasing a piece of equipment, the company that supplied you with the equipment may arrange to have it relocated for you.  This is something that definitely has to be scheduled well in advance.  You would, however, still need to be aware of precisely what office equipment has to be moved, as it may need to be dismantled in order to move it up or down stairs or fit into an elevator.

Filing cabinets also need to be taken into consideration in a move.  These can be moved as they are; however, they should be locked, particularly if they contain any sensitive information, and perhaps wrapped in a padded blanket in order to provide protection.