Avoid injuries while moving

Avoid injuries while moving

There are a surprising number of injuries that occur during the process of moving.  As the move goes ahead, people often find themselves in a bit of a rush to try and get those final two boxes taped up and placed on the truck.  All it takes is one moment of impatience when reaching down to pick up a box and you end up pulling a muscle and incapacitating yourself instead.

Injuries can, of course, occur at any time, particularly during a period of relocation when there is so very much to do and think about and try to keep track of.  Being informed and prepared in these situations can be a big help.  While you may experience a number of minor injuries such as a paper cut or stubbed toe during moving, the good news is that the chance of hurting your back can be minimized.  Key to avoiding back injuries is to lift things properly, and there are a few good tips to follow to do this.

One good tip is to bend at the knees rather than the waist.  Another is to make sure that the object you are lifting is kept close to your body.  You should avoid twisting your body or lifting anything over your head.

Keep your legs apart and make sure that you have a good grip on the object, and lift not with your back but with your legs.  You should also make sure your footing is kept secure and that when you move an item, you push it rather than pull.

Lance Grooms