Avoid damage during your move

Avoid damage during your move

Making a move to a brand new home with all your worldly goods can be a massive undertaking.  Without the utmost care some things are likely to end up being a little worse for wear after the move than they were before the move commenced.

There are a number of items that are frequently damaged during a move, but the good news is that this damage can be avoided provided that you take adequate precautions ahead of time.  Glassware will almost certainly be by far the most vulnerable during any move; therefore, plenty of protection will be needed if you want it to survive the transition.  Make sure that you pack your glassware in a smallish box that carries no more than a few pounds and wrap each individual item separately.  Every object should be given plenty of layering and padding and the boxes should be labeled in order to both identify the contents as fragile and show which way up they should be placed. Typically standing the dishware on end is better than sitting on top of one another.

Pieces of art are frequently awkward to move, as they can be very delicate in addition to being precious and usually very expensive.  Valuation coverage is crucial and if you have many valuable pieces of art it might be a good idea to pick a specialist art transport company or make sure that your moving company has experience with the relocation of pieces of art.

Professional movers are also required to move furniture, a lot of which will be heavy, bulky and oddly shaped.  Professional movers can wrap furniture in custom blankets and maneuver it around corners and down stairs without causing any damage.