Move like a professional

Move like a professional

Moving is always a challenge; however, providing that you know what you are doing, it does not have to be a total nightmare.  There is some simple advice that can be followed that will enable you to move like a professional.

One of the most important things that you can do to assist with your move is to get organized.  Even if organization is not usually your strongest suit, there are still a number of very easy things that you can do that will serve to make the move a little bit easier.  One of those is to create a moving file.  This can be nothing more elaborate than a file folder, or as complex as a file binder, but the important thing is that it is where you keep everything related to your relocation, including bills of lading, contracts, quotes, mover contact information and receipts.  All you need to do is make certain that the file is always easy to access.

Another good tip is to print out and make use of a moving checklist, which helps to make sure that you do not forget anything important.  Just write down everything that needs to be done and then check the entries off as you accomplish them.

You should also plan your budget for the move.  Take into account all of the possible expenses; include the cost of hiring movers, fuel, utility deposits, cleaning fees, new home essentials, new home furniture, travel expenses, and so forth.

Jon Huser