Assisted Living on Wheels

Assisted Living on Wheels

OK, so when we think of retirement homes, we probably don’t immediately think of moving into an RV.  Instead, we probably picture a lot of silver-haired seniors snuggling up with a deck of cards and a fireplace.  Or something else.

We want to ask you something.  Did you know that, as a retiree, you could actually move into your RV and have that be your home?  You sure can!  But what happens when you can no longer manage some of the aspects of living in an RV and life on the road?  Move into an assisted living RV park, that’s what!

You might be thinking “huh?”  We were at first too!

Believe it or not, there are actually RV parks that are aimed at retirees and seniors who simply can’t take care of their RVs on their own anymore.  It is basically a refuge where RV lovers can move once they grow unable maintain their vehicle and continue to live life out on the open road.

While there aren’t many RV retirement parks out there, there are a few scattered throughout the country.  They aren’t as expensive as you might think.  Typically speaking, the monthly fee of a retirement RV park would be about $800 per person and about $1,200 per couple.  Once you move in, you can park your wheeled home, get three meals a day, laundry service (about two loads a week), some housekeeping, transportation to medical appointments, and 24-hour access to nurses.

Although we don’t necessarily think RV retirement parks are the wave of the future, we can see a whole lot of baby boomers considering this as the new way to retire.  What do you think?

Lance Grooms