Saving money while moving

Saving money while moving

The summer months are when most families would rather uproot and go somewhere else while the weather is warm and the kids are off school.  This year’s season has been even busier than is traditionally the case, thanks to the housing market now picking up after the recession; however, even with the growing demand for relocation services, it is still possible to find ways to save money when moving your possessions from your existing home to your new chosen abode, as the following moving tips for money-conscious consumers demonstrate.

The first really good piece of advice is to always move on an ‘off day’.  Try to move in the middle of the week instead of at the weekend, and never move at the end of the month.  The great majority of leases tend to expire at the end of a month and begin at the start of a month, and you will be in for some serious competition if you want to hire the services of a professional moving company to help you to pack up and relocate your precious possessions.  Another date to avoid is the 15th of the month, which is another popular date for people moving in and out of places.  Even just changing the date by a day or two can pay dividends in terms of being able to ask for extras or discounts or of a moving company having more trucks available.

Weekends are also popular, so scheduling a move in the middle of the week instead is another good idea.  It is also a good idea to check with your moving company, due to the fact that rates for moving on a weekday can actually be significantly lower should they have to pay their employees higher rates for working on a weekend.  Even better savings could be made by waiting until the summer season is over to make your move, with relocation in October likely to be obtained for a much lower rate than in August.

Booking in advance is another very important tip.  Even if you have not finalized your exact date for moving just yet, you should still try to get it penciled in around a month before the event – particularly if you are going to be making your move during one of the busy seasons.  Booking in advance tends to give you a little more room to be able to negotiate, as the moving company will know that it has a definite customer and will want to do its best to accommodate you.  The exact date can be finalized at a later time and should be confirmed in writing by the moving company.  Booking in advance also gives you a better chance of being able to book with the most reputable moving companies, so it is certainly not something that should be put off until the last minute.

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