Simple storage tips

Simple storage tips

If you need to put some of your possessions into storage, it is a good idea to take the time needed to choose the moving storage facility that is most suitable for you and where you can be sure that your belongings will be protected and safe.

One good piece of advice is to look for storage facilities that are near to the new home you will be making a move to.  This is something that is of particular importance if you think you will need to gain access to your things on a fairly frequent basis.  You should also find out about the timings and access rights allowed by the storage facility you intend to choose.  While one moving company may allow you to access its storage facilities around the clock free of charge, others may restrict the times when you are allowed entry.  Some of the cheekier ones may even want to charge you to get access to your own things!

It is a better idea to rent a smaller storage space and fill it to the brim than to rent a larger space than you actually require for your things and then be paying more for a space that is mostly empty.  If your possessions include things such as important documents or antiques, you might need to hire storage facilities that are climate controlled.

You should store your possessions in boxes of a uniform size so that they will be easy to stack.

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