Arranging to move your utilities

Arranging to move your utilities

If you are intending to move house, you will need to make arrangements to have your utilities moved in advance.  This will avoid moving into your new home only to find that it lacks gas, power, telephone and cable!

It is vitally important to make sure that you have made contact with your utilities companies so that the services will be disconnected in your old house on moving day and so that the utilities in your new home are up and running by the time you move in.  Making arrangements to move utilities is a key part in planning your relocation.  Once these arrangements have been made, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing that your new home will be nice and comfortable for you when you arrive.

It is necessary to make these arrangements to move your utilities well in advance, as every utilities company will require enough time to be able to make the necessary connections and to disconnect the old ones.  Utilities companies tend to have different requirements for the length of time they require, but it is normally a good idea to contact the service provider’s service department at least two weeks before moving day in order to avoid any disruptions.

You should arrange for all of the essential utilities to still be working in your old home on moving day so that packing and loading can go ahead without any difficulties or disruptions.