Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day takes place every year in the United States on the third Saturday in the month of May, falling this year on the 18th.  Armed Forces Day is simply the day to pay tribute to the men and women who serve in all branches of the service that protects the United States and all those who live there.

These men and women are often called upon at just a moment’s notice to perform perilous and risky missions for the sake of the United States and for freedom in general.  They undergo diligent mental and physical training in order to make sure that they succeed in whatever missions they may be sent on.

Armed Forces Day began 63 years ago, with the first Armed Forces Day being held on 20th May 1950.  All branches of the military had had their own particular day of celebration prior to 1950, but it was on 31st August 1949 that the creation of Armed Forces Day was announced by Louis Johnson, who was the US Secretary of Defense at the time.  The holiday was confirmed by president Harry S Truman on 20th February 1950 in a presidential proclamation.

Every branch of the United States military was encouraged to take part in Armed Forces Day and all agreed when the first such day was held on 20th May 1950, marking the beginning of a long-standing tradition that has held fast ever since.

Rick Wozniak