Are you considering an Orange County move?

Are you considering an Orange County move?

If you are considering a move to Orange County, you are not alone. The county has more than three million residents, making it one of the biggest in California by population, even though it is very small in terms of geographical size.

There are many reasons why people want to move to this part of California. The beaches are famous and there are plenty of attractions for all the family. The good weather is also a plus point and those who want to move here can do so at any time – unlike other areas, there is no extremely cold winter that should be avoided when you move house.

There is a good range of cities in Orange County. Each city is fairly small, but most will offer you everything you need. Just be aware that Anaheim attracts a lot of tourists and that some areas are more geared up to businesses than to residents.

A downside to moving here is that the cost of living is much higher than the national average. There are plenty of other counties to move to that are cheaper, but it will depend a great deal on the lifestyle you want. If you want the beaches and the cosmopolitan lifestyle, a move to Orange County might be for you.

Finally, getting around Orange County is so much easier than you might think thanks to an award-winning bus system and rail connections to other parts of Los Angeles. There are also good cycling routes and it is far more pedestrian friendly than most places.