Are you a serial mover?

Are you a serial mover?

Some people are happy to move their home on just a few occasions during their life; however, others seems to want to move every two or three years – or maybe more!  What signs indicate a serial mover?

The reason for moving is often a giveaway. Sometimes residential relocation is not about creating or finding a happy home for the family but is done to impress others; for example, if a colleague just upgraded from a three-bed to a five-bed, this could encourage the serial mover to do the same.  Alternatively, it could be that a person believes that as they climb the ladder in their chosen career they should also be climbing the housing ladder.  Boredom with the current surroundings could also be a factor.  Some people move into a home, get it exactly the way they want it and then start looking for a new challenge.

If the reason for moving is a more practical one, such as an extra room for a growing family, this is much less likely to be a serial mover.  Some people like to forward plan; if they know they want their family to grow, they will take this into consideration and find a house that will work for them in the longer term.

Getting away from this compulsion to relocate is important so that moving house is done for the right reasons.  Work out whether it is financially viable to move, as some people will ignore this consideration and find themselves in difficulties as a result.  A home is a place for safety and relaxation, not for stress and worry.