Anthony’s restaurant on the move from Leeds city …

Anthony’s restaurant on the move from Leeds city …

Anthony’s Restaurant, which is regarded as a trailblazing establishment in the city of Leeds in the United Kingdom and which effectively put the city on the culinary map in the nation, is upping stakes and moving.

The restaurant opened on Boar Lane nine years ago, back in 2004, and was almost immediately acclaimed by critics, including Jay Raynor, thanks to the innovative dishes of chef Anthony Flinn.  The company opened Anthony’s at Flannels one year later, in 2005, with Anthony’s Patisserie joining the roster in 2006 in the Victoria Quarter.  Finally, two years later in 2008, Piazza by Anthony opened in Leeds Corn Exchange.

Piazza has evolved to become the focus of the firm, with a dedicated bakery as well as a chocolate shop, cheese room and patisserie.  The announcement has now been made that Flinn intends to move his flagship restaurant into Leeds Corn Exchange to join Piazza on 9th April .

The primary kitchen at Piazza is to undergo extensive remodeling to ensure that there is enough space for both the team from Piazza and the team from Anthony’s to work side by side after the relocation.  “This is an exciting development for Leeds, bringing Anthony Flinn’s flagship dining experiences under one roof in the city center’s Corn Exchange,” says the chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, Gary Verity.  “Visitors can now enjoy a range of dining experiences – and where better than in that stunning setting.”

Gene Salaz