Ann Rutherford dies at 94

Ann Rutherford dies at 94

Gone With the Wind fans may be saddened by the loss of Ann Rutherford.  Those who have watched one of the most epic movies ever made, with some of the best talent to exist in Hollywood, will probably remember Ann Rutherford.  She played the youngest sister to Scarlett O’Hara in the epic film.  She was considered a demure actress who will also be well remembered for her acting on the Andy Hardy series.

A close friend told the media that Ms Rutherford had heart problems and declining health recently.  During her time with the Andy Hardy series, she also played in comic, sentimental and drama films.  In 1938 she appeared in the second film in the You’re Only Young Once series.  She played Polly Benedict in the Andy Hardy series.

What is surprising about her death is that she was one of the last survivors that starred in Gone With the Wind.  In 1989 she was among ten of those still living when the film hit its 50th anniversary.  During her career she spent time in westerns with John Wayne and Gene Autry.  She was with MGM early in her career, but went freelance after a few years so she could get more films and roles.

Among those who starred with her was Vivien Leigh, who died in 1967; Evelyn Keyes, who died in 2008; and, of course, Clark Gable, who passed away many years ago.  Evelyn Keys was the middle O’Hara sister.

Jon Huser