America’s Most Affluent Neighborhoods

America’s Most Affluent Neighborhoods

While many people around the country are struggling, there are many neighborhoods that are doing better than fine. In fact, they are thriving. Everyone wants to move to a safe neighborhood with great schools, friendly neighbors, and an active community to take part in. However, that is just the start with America’s most affluent communities. Many residents in these posh areas enjoy an income many times that of the average American. Wanting to know if your neighborhood made the list? Check out Bekins Moving Solutions’ list of America’s most affluent neighborhoods.

Scarsdale, NY

This historic city was once the location of prominent American politicians, and not much has changed. In fact, the median income for a family in Scarsdale almost reaches $300,000! Not to mention the median home values top out at more than one million! Less than 2% of the population lives below the poverty line, and local events tend to revolve around food, wine, and charity. If you are looking for an affluent neighborhood on the east coast, Scarsdale may be your answer!

Piedmont City, CA

Piedmont City is located in the San Francisco Bay area and is located in Alameda County, which shares borders with Oakland, CA. Named after a region in Italy, Piedmont is almost primarily a residential area with very few businesses. In it’s 1.7 square miles, typical housing prices are well over a million dollars and finding housing below that is almost impossible. In Piedmont, the median household income was a cool $207,222. Piedmont residents are typically educated and work in a professional career in business or technology. If you are looking for an affluent area to live in close to San Francisco, Piedmont may be your top choice.

West University Place, TX

Known also by the name “West U” this area near Houston is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country. With a vast majority of residents having a family income of $150,000 or higher and 85% of the residents college-educated, it is the first choice for top businessmen, lawyers, doctors, and professionals in the Houston area. West U has several well-kept parks and recreational centers as well as top-ranked schools in the area. If you are moving to Southeast Texas, West University Place should be the first place you look for affluent living.

University Park, TX

Another Texas community makes the list for the most affluent neighborhoods in the country. University Park is located in Dallas County and typically paired with Highland Park to create “Park Cities”, a suburb of Dallas. Located near Southern Methodist University, University Park began as a college town but has transformed into a well-to-do community filled with gorgeous sought-after homes. The median income for families is over $200,000, and home prices range between $500,000 to one million. With all the excitement of Dallas just a short ride away, this affluent neighborhood may be the perfect fit for your family.

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