Almost 1,000 Millionaires Call Juneau Home

Almost 1,000 Millionaires Call Juneau Home

Chances are you’ve heard of Juneau, Alaska. It is a major port for arctic cruises and it is one of the biggest cities in the great state of Alaska. In fact, when most people think of moving to Alaska, Juneau often ends up on the short list.

Juneau also happens to be the capital of Alaska, which is probably why so many people, when they do move to the state, move there. But, did you know that Juneau has quite a few millionaires dwelling its streets? Well, it does. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 7.6% is the concentration of millionaires
  • 904 is the number of millionaire households in the city
  • 130 is the number of millionaire households with over $5 million in investable assets

This breakdown is really quite impressive when you think about how big Juneau actually is. It has a metropolitan population of 31,275 where the median household income is just over $76,000.

So, why are there so many millionaires living in Juneau, anyway? We think that it is because the city is the state capital. There are quite a few state lobbyists and politicians living in the city, as well as the well-to-do executives of the Hecla Mining company. The company drills for gold, silver, and zinc just 15 miles south of Juneau.

As you consider relocating to the state of Alaska, we suggest you check out Juneau. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a million!

Jon Huser